Shugo Tokumaru Brings Port Entropy to North America via Polyvinyl

Shugo Tokumaru Brings <i>Port Entropy</i> to North America via Polyvinyl
Japanese-bred indie pop savant Shugo Tokumaru broke into the North American indie market when he released his debut full-length, Night Piece, in 2004. Now, Tokumaru is heading back to the West with his fourth album, Port Entropy, which is being released via his new North American label home of Polyvinyl Records.

 The album was released in Japan via P-Vine back in April, and was Tokumaru's highest selling effort yet, even managing to break into the country's Top 40. According to a press release, Tokumaru's is "a sound that draws as much from classic Beatles-esque melodies as his own unique spin on Japanese pop." The new album especially sees "his arrangements soar to new heights -- most prominently in the coda of standout track 'Lahaha.' Conversely, the twinkling piano lullaby 'Linne' showcases a quieter, more introspective side of Tokumaru's songwriting."

Port Entropy will be available on February 15 and you can pre-order the album, including a limited-edition green vinyl version, here. You can also download album track "Lahaha" here and watch the song's video below. The album's release will be followed by extensive North American touring, including a stop at SXSW.

Port Entropy:

 1. "Platform"

2. "Tracking Elevator"

3. "Linne"

4. "Lahaha"

5. "Rum Hee"

6. "Laminate"

7. "River Low"

8. "Straw"

9. "Drive-thru"

10. "Suisha"

11. "Orange"

12. "Malerina"