Shredding Consequences Against the Corporate World

There is almost no online information about this thrash/death/groove/black metal quartet from Mexico, but in terms of reviewing their debut, Against the Corporate World, the need for filler is unnecessary. These dudes (and one dudette) have covered not only a wide spectrum of musical styles but almost seamlessly packaged them together into one vibrant album. But in their enthusiasm to show their stuff, it is almost fragmented, such as on one of the standout tracks, "Harvesting Rebellion." While being labelled the "New Breed of Mexican Fury," said fury, and their obvious love for classic metal, such as Carcass and perhaps even vintage Asphyx, is evident. Vocalist Carlos, despite sounding a bit like Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow, is impressive, as his lyrics are actually understandable despite his high, breathy rasp. Independently released and produced, this is an impressive debut. (Independent)