Should I wear earplugs?

Should I wear earplugs?
I'm interested in ear protection. What are the pros and cons? Who uses them for practices and performances? What's the best to use? Thanks.

K Peters
Edmonton, AB

Hey there K,

If you're around loud music a lot, you should definitely consider hearing protection. Soft foam earplugs will do the job, but if you are a musician and/or you're bothered by the muffled sound of foam plugs, you might consider ordering up a set of custom-fit, hi-tech plugs that are designed to reduce volume, and filter out certain damaging frequencies while maintaining a natural sound. A decent audiologist can steer you in the right direction. Custom plugs are not cheap, but if you are a working musician they will be tax deductible at least. Now, certain dudes are all, like, "Man, I don't wear earplugs!" as if there were something wicked cool about going deaf. I say, don't listen to them now, or you won't hear them later.


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