Shooting Guns Soundtrack Horror-Comedy 'WolfCop'

Shooting Guns Soundtrack Horror-Comedy 'WolfCop'
Shooting Guns apparently loaded up with enough silver bullets to keep the lycanthropes at bay for a while, as it's been revealed that the Saskatoon-based hard rock outfit have prepped new music to the soundtrack for upcoming Canadian horror-comedy film WolfCop.

The film hits Canadian theatres June 6, with world screenings to follow this fall. A press release explains that the plot focuses on Lou Garou, a man whose life has taken an interesting twist, transforming him from "alcoholic cop" to "rage-fuelled werewolf," as if his name wasn't a dead giveaway.

Down below, you'll find an informational vid about the project, with filmmakers explaining that Shooting Guns' score sounds something like "early Sabbath meets John Carpenter." You can get a wee taste of the soundtrack in the film trailer at the bottom of the page.

A vinyl release is expected to be released sometime in September, with the soundtrack showing up on blood-red vinyl.

Since finishing the film, the producers have also gone on to expand the world of WolfCop beyond the silver screen. An Indiegogo campaign is currently offering up a series of related premiums, including a 7.5-inch posable action figure of WolfCop in full beast-mode, an in-the-works comic book, posters, T-shirts and more.

You can get more details over here.

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