Shooting Guns "Spy in the Sky"

Shooting Guns 'Spy in the Sky'
Saskatoon rock monsters Shooting Guns had their hairy horror score for WolfCop hit movie theatre speakers earlier this year, but the band are gearing up for a proper soundtrack release. Before the set shoots out of retailers like a silver bullet, you can catch the outfit's "Spy in the Sky" online.

Shooting Guns throw you for a loop early on, with the synthy intro sounding something like a dank and decadent John Carpenter score. This soon transforms into a psychedelic groove full of shaggy six-string bends. It'd probably sound best blasted out of a busted-up Buick on a late-night drive beneath a full moon, but you can give it a stream through your computer speakers now.

The vinyl version of the score hits MondoCon in Austin, TX, on September 20 through One Way Static, in conjunction with RidingEasy Records/CineCoup, while the digital version arrives September 16.

You can get more details on the release here.

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