Shooter Jennings

"Cat People" (David Bowie cover, ft. Marilyn Manson)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 18, 2016

We've heard plenty of Bowie covers in the month since the rock titan passed away, but Shooter Jennings may have just delivered the wildest of the bunch. Affixed to the outlaw country artist's forthcoming Countach (For Giorgio) LP is a run-through of Giorgio Moroder/David Bowie team-up "Cat People," which now features a wobbling, feral vocal from Marilyn Manson.

While still retaining the '80s soundtrack cut's danceable groove, the revamp features some fine fiddlin'. It also has Manson torching the mic with a series of gasoline-soaked yelps and growls.

You'll find the "Cat People" cover below, while Countach (For Giorgio) hits vinyl on February 26 through Jennings' own Black Country Rock Media. A digital version lands March 11.

The album's flat-out incredible artwork, which we'll point out features Falkor the Luck Dragon handling a sub-machine and a smiling, sentient compu-bot, is up above.

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