The Shivers Phone Calls

The Shivers may be relatively unknown at the moment but that’s going to change very, very soon. Phone Calls, the Bronx-based quintet’s experimental folk concoction, features the sophistication of classically trained talent and the nitty gritty persistence of punk rock dexterity. When brought together, the band manage to create a tightly woven cornucopia of tangible beats and breezy melodies. Really, there’s no stopping the Shivers from doing what they please. Vocalist Keith Zarriello is a roots-rhythm master, his mangy, plucky and somewhat eccentric voice complementing all 16 hauntingly hypnotic melodies rich with juicy undertones. "Shave Yr Brain” is bluesy, gritty and harrowing, reminiscent of Tom Waits’ stripped down sincerity and expressivity. "New Direction” is pop at its mellowest, while "High School” uses its electronic kicks to demonstrate the extremes to which folk music can be pushed. Then there’s "Rock N’ Roll Love,” a song that has a jazzy, nostalgic aura about it, all while keeping to the low-key acoustics that gently caress the entire album. As a whole, Phone Calls is one of the most adventurous yet enjoyable folk records to blur the lines between other musical genres, and there’s no doubt that other artists will soon be following in the Shivers’ footsteps. (Outer Borough)