Shimmering Stars "East Van Girls" / "I'm Gonna Try"

Shimmering Stars 'East Van Girls' / 'I'm Gonna Try'
On the back of a limited-run cassette and a handful of MP3s floating around the Internet, Vancouver, BC's Shimmering Stars have built a nice buzz for themselves. And their rep is certain to grow with the release of their debut seven-inch, which marries a trio of the band's pre-existing tunes with one new one. The brainchild of Rory McClure, backed by his Bedrooms of the Nation bandmates, Shimmering Stars recreate the hidden sadness in seemingly cheery '50s and '60s tunes like the Beach Boys' "In My Room" and J. Frank Wilson's "Last Kiss," marrying their lyrical sadness with moody, Joy Division-esque atmospherics. The result is a stunning quartet of tunes, with themes of both love ("East Van Girls") and hate ("I'm Gonna Try"). The group may mine the past, but Shimmering Stars are far from a retro retread, creating something meaningful and damn catchy. (Almost Musique)