Sheryl Crow Promotes New Album by Saying Albums Are a "Waste of Time and Money"

People are still predicting the death of the LP, despite all the evidence to the contrary

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 28, 2024

People used to predict the death of the album due to the rise of streaming, but as Taylor Swift's LP-celebrating Eras Tour has proved, full-length albums are still very much the format that drives the music industry. Don't tell that to Sheryl Crow, however, who is promoting her new album Evolution but calling albums "a waste of time and money."

"I still think it's a waste of time and money!" she told Red Magazine of releasing an album. "People don't listen to records as a full body of work, but I had all these songs that felt very timely. So, I thought, 'Okay, I'm not going to make a conventional album, thinking about the beginning, middle and end.' Instead, it's a compilation of new songs."

This isn't the first time Crow has spoken about the supposed downfall of the album format. In 2019, when she released her collaborative album Threads, she told Billboards Pop Shop Podcast that it would be her "last full artistic statement."

She said, "I do think technology, the way that it is, you can spend a lot of time and emotion, and quite a lot of money as well, making albums, and then people don't listen to them — not only in their original form, but even as an album in its entirety."

Crow's new album Evolution comes out tomorrow (March 29). It's the same day that Beyoncé will release her hotly anticipated new album, COWBOY CARTER, but I guess people aren't excited for that because no one listens to albums?

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