Sherry Ryan Bottom of a Heart

That the human voice is a finite commodity is a truism. That is, until you hear a voice so distinctively different that all the rules are changed. Sherry Ryan is a relative unknown — but only because not enough people have caught wind of her sizeable talents. Weaned on country out of Middle Cove, Newfoundland, Sherry’s musical personality reflects that wondrous blend of Newfoundland influences that kick any kitchen party into overdrive through the wee hours of the morning. The overriding direction on this first release is deep country, her voice powered by the haunting spectre of Patsy Cline and Kitty Wells. Closer in timbre to a darker, huskier version of Margo Timmins, Ryan’s vocals soar above predominantly sombre material interspersed with hints of rockabilly ("Best Kiss Ever”), bluegrass ("Simple Things”) and country ("You Broke My Heart”). "One of Those Amazing Nights” is a slow, disarming number that deserves to be on the radio — falling into that awkward alt-country category, but a good representation of Ryan’s best foot forward. A gifted songwriter, these 14 tracks are her own, and clearly not one to be tied down stylistically, her future looks bright. Her voice is so good — so distinct — it’s absolutely unforgettable. If this is the bottom of her heart, I can only look forward to the top. (Independent)