Sherrie Lea Spellbound

If you judged this one by its cover, you’d think it was some untalented trance bird singing about love and the stars. It’s not. In fact, Canadian singer Sherrie Lea has a decent voice, and uses it well for pop-oriented dance tracks. They’re not nearly as cheesy as the cover would imply, or as many similar acts from the past have been. Overall, it has a clubby trance and house feel. "No Ordinary Love” is a decent single with a few trance-y remixes included. The most surprising song is a cover of "Where Love Lives,” which was voted in the mid-1990s as the best house song ever. (In case you’re wondering, it does include that famous piano vamp, but it’s pretty hard to equal the original.) Spellbound is not groundbreaking or inventive, but I’ve heard way worse. (Dada Drumming)