Sheglank'd Shoulders The Final Grind

The three songs contained on this seven-inch are powerful examples of ’80s skate punk filtered through more contemporary ears. While it’s easy to see the influences of the Adolescents and JFA, there is a modern sound that prevents The Final Grind from sounding like a throwback record. The lyrics to songs like "Energy Bomb” may seem a little puerile but the anger and energy more than make up for it. The strangest part about this disc is the final number, "I Don’t Like You,” which is a Screwdriver cover. The liner notes state: "all songs by Sheglank’d Shoulders except ‘I Don’t Like You’ (originally by some Nazi fuckheads)” and the label’s website points out the humour in a Jewish punk rocker singing a song originally by a white power band, so take that for what you will. The three tracks contain more speed, distortion and angst than most of the records coming out these days and that’s been something sorely missing from the punk rock landscape of late. These guys aren’t just rehashing the past, they’ve studied it, know it and play it with all the reckless abandon of four guys who actually love it. (Handsome Dan)