Sheer Mag Reveal Debut Album 'Need to Feel Your Love'

Get your first taste of the album with the new song "Just Can't Get Enough"
Sheer Mag Reveal Debut Album 'Need to Feel Your Love'
Philly rockers Sheer Mag caught the attention of listeners with a series of three EPs, which were collected on a Compilation LP last year. Now, the band have lifted the curtain on their first-ever full-length effort.

Titled Need to Feel Your Love, the disc will arrive on July 14 through Static Shock Records/Wilsuns RC. The announcement also includes a taste of what's to come from the LP with the track "Just Can't Get Enough," which you can hear below.

"'Just Can't Get Enough' is a straight-up-and-down rock ballad about actually being in love, which is something we don't often write about without being cynical in some way," the band wrote in a statement. "Being away from the one you love is hard. This song speaks as if that feeling for that person is something as natural and powerful as a gravitational pull."

Read through the tracklisting to hear "Just Can't Get Enough" in the player below.

Need to Feel Your Love:

1. Meet Me in the Street
2. Need to Feel Your Love
3. Just Can't Get Enough
4. Expect the Bayonet
5. Rank and File
6. Turn It Up
7. Suffer Me
8. Pure Desire
9. Until You Find the One
10. Milk and Honey
11. Can't Play It Cool
12. (Say Goodbye To) Sophie Scholl