SheDaisy The Whole SHeBANG

I tried so hard to dislike this disc — to discount another miracle birthing of three gorgeous, talented sisters who had earned their stripes the hard way, and not just fallen into another Dixie Chicks marketing ploy. And hard as I tried to trash this effort as another saccharine-sweet, Wilson-Phillips studio rip-off, I can't. It's slick, but it's catchy, well-crafted country pop. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of bassist Glenn Worf, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and steel guitarist Dan Dugmore takes the music to credible heights but the Sisters Osborn (Kristyn, Kelsi & Kassidy - kute!) are savvy enough to pepper their 11 original songs with tasteful harmonies and enough well-placed cooing to keep Shania looking over her shoulder. There are hooks in all the right places and, aside from their minor hit "Little Good-byes," this trio has a few hits looming. Take in "I Will...But" and "Still Holding Out For You" and tell me you're not getting a slight chill down your back. This is light, fluffy fare for the most part, but it's entertaining and certainly appropriate for any back porch party. (Lyric Street)