Shed Reveals New LP: 'The Killer'

Shed Reveals New LP: 'The Killer'
After impressing with his 2010 album The Traveller, Rene Pawlowitz's fascinating and ever-evolving minimal techno project Shed will return this year with a third full-length.

The album is called The Killer, and will see its release on Modeselektor's 50 Weapons label. While little is known about the record so far, it is slated to drop on July 27.

Aside from an "album version" of his recent single "The Praetorian" (the original of which can be streamed below), the record will include ten previously unreleased tracks.

In addition to the new full-length, Shed will also release a new EP on Ostgut Ton, which is to release a new twelve-inch from Pawlowitz sometime later this month.

The Killer:

1. STP3/The Killer
2. Silent Witness
3. I Come By Night
4. Gas Up
5. Day After
6. Phototype
7. The Praetorian (Album Mix)
8. Ride On
9. You Got The Look
10. V10MF!/The Filler
11. Follow The Leader