Shame Spiral 'Demonstration II: Drive Home' (EP stream)

Shame Spiral 'Demonstration II: Drive Home' (EP stream)
Vancouverites Chris Van Der Laan and Ryan Walter Wagner's music careers have crossed paths before, with the two previously connecting as ringleaders of kush-positive rap collective Too High Crew. The duo are back in action as the profoundly weird and whispery Shame Spiral, and their Casio-employing debut is out today (May 27).

Titled Demonstration II: Drive Home, the music for the five-song EP was apparently tracked inside of fellow THC member Pussy Pete's car, with vocals tracked later at the project's Our Donkey Party studio. What we have here is a pair of goofballs fooling around with some preset beats and ultra budget keyboard tones.

The vocals come in extra washed-out and reverberated. For lite funk opener "Nasty Leaves," they sing "I cleaned my eyes the other day/It was the first time in years," which is either a matter-of-fact hygienic anecdote, or an extremely profound look at shaking up one's routine.

You can check out the rest of the the duo's self-described "avant-garbage" collection below, or download it for free over on Bandcamp. The DL adds a 27-minute track of rehearsals.

Shane Spiral play Vancouver's Red Cat Records on June 4, as part of Music Waste. They'll be selling cassette copies of Demonstration II: Drive Home, which lands via Van Der Laan's Boat Dreams From the Hill imprint.