Shame Spiral

'Demonstration II: Drive Home' (EP stream)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 27, 2016

Vancouverites Chris Van Der Laan and Ryan Walter Wagner's music careers have crossed paths before, with the two previously connecting as ringleaders of kush-positive rap collective Too High Crew. The duo are back in action as the profoundly weird and whispery Shame Spiral, and their Casio-employing debut is out today (May 27).

Titled Demonstration II: Drive Home, the music for the five-song EP was apparently tracked inside of fellow THC member Pussy Pete's car, with vocals tracked later at the project's Our Donkey Party studio. What we have here is a pair of goofballs fooling around with some preset beats and ultra budget keyboard tones.

The vocals come in extra washed-out and reverberated. For lite funk opener "Nasty Leaves," they sing "I cleaned my eyes the other day/It was the first time in years," which is either a matter-of-fact hygienic anecdote, or an extremely profound look at shaking up one's routine.

You can check out the rest of the the duo's self-described "avant-garbage" collection below, or download it for free over on Bandcamp. The DL adds a 27-minute track of rehearsals.

Shane Spiral play Vancouver's Red Cat Records on June 4, as part of Music Waste. They'll be selling cassette copies of Demonstration II: Drive Home, which lands via Van Der Laan's Boat Dreams From the Hill imprint.

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