The Shaking Hands The Shaking Hands

In an age when all punk is prefaced by a descriptor (gypsy punk, country punk, pop punk, et al.), it's nice to hear a band that completely reject the prefix. The Shaking Hands are the punk band you idolized in high school, they're the band that inspired you to pick up a guitar and start a band, and there's absolutely no lack of authenticity. From the political lyrics to the sing-along choruses, this record has it all. Songs like "History Does What?" rock like American Steel at their finest, while tracks like album opener "Liars Are for Punching" sound like U.S. Bombs meet Marilyn's Vitamins. From beginning to end this self-titled debut is a stellar example of what punk is capable of at its roots. Minus the self-indulgent creative experiments, punk can still be a vital force. (Kiss of Death)