The Shake

The Cube, Winnipeg MB, August 16

Photo: Leah Gair

BY Anthony AugustinePublished Aug 17, 2014

For the past couple Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibitions (MEME), Winnipeg duo the Shake have played on the Friday night of the event. While the move to Saturday put Lotek and Manalogue in an earlier slot, it ended up being one of the best programming decisions of the festival.

With the muggy and humid weather of Friday replaced by a gentle breeze and blue skies, the Shake delivered one of the best sets of the day and one of the most focused yet compelling performances of theirs in recent years. With a music collection espousing total disregard for genres, you're never really sure what to expect from the former Kick FM radio hosts. Although Lotek and Manalogue never strayed too far from the bass-driven sound they have become known for, their exploration of g-house influenced tracks, including one that made use of a instrumental sample from the Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By" and another that used a vocal hook from Run-D.M.C. made the mid-afternoon crowd immediately take notice. From there, they worked in bubbling, bass-heavy tech-house cuts from labels like OFF Recordings and continued to pull in the crowd in with rhythms from Sharam Jey and Sirus Hood's "Picture Picture," Dave Wrangler's remix of Animal Collective's "My Girls" and Worthy's remix of Flume & Chet Faker's "What About Us," you just couldn't ignore being pumped out of the massive PK Sound rig under a beautiful blue prairie sky.

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