Shaftdrive Shaftdrive

These motorcycle riding mamas have been a regular at such Jägermeister filling stations as Toronto's Bovine Sex Club for a couple of years now and this EP is their first release. The five tracks here are heavy, tuned-down doom-ish metal with vocals that are reminiscent of L7's. "Black Dawn," the opening track, is a classic metal tune with dark, demonic lyrics that are thankfully sung rather than groaned/growled, which is the current convention in this style of music. "Red Line Rev" and "Born of Fire" are also hard rocking songs that solidify Shaftdrive's hog-riding image. All in all, this is a pretty solid effort from a relatively new band, but in the end, one giant question remains in the listener's mind: how could you possibly make a metal record with absolutely no guitar solos? (Independent)