Sex Stains Sex Stains

Sex Stains Sex Stains
On their self-titled LP, Sex Stains showcase Allison Wolfe's hilarious and sardonic lyrics on a background of well-produced and unique punk riffs.
The quality of the production shows through in interesting stereo flourishes, as on "Period. Period." which has a call and response feel just through the production on Wolfe's voice. Lead single "Don't Hate Me Cuz I'm Beautiful" reaffirms the relevance of her Riot Grrrl roots, talking to an anonymous asshole and insisting that dealing with him is "not my job anymore." "Confrontational" is a fantastic blast of post-punk with some surf-rock flavours that opens with a recording about feminist manifestos and repeats its title as a backing vocal. On "Sex in the Subway," Wolfe humiliates another man through her memory of his bad behaviour by noting that "I remember what you said to me!"
Throughout, the album has a great sense of humour, moves fast, bounces through several different rock and punk sounds and is just a blast to spin. Closer "Crumbs" has a great, driving bass line and a bit more of a serious, angry tone, as Wolfe self-deprecates for waiting to take crumbs from someone before vowing "no more."
Take some time with this one to catch all the clever lines; on Sex Stains, they come fast and hard. (Don Giovanni)