Sex Party Sex Party

Sex Party are the easiest act to underestimate upon first glance. Hushed melodic sub-synth themes dodge around walls of alternately post-punk and industrial guitars, fitting perfectly into the hyper-sexualised, obnoxious stereotype headed by followers of perverted Teaches of Peaches disciples like Stinkmitt. On the contrary, Sex Party have obviously resisted the temptation to add a pair of Xs to the name and actually throw more back to experimental pop songwriters like Deerhoof or the Mae Shi than the predominantly dance-oriented acts that predate them. "Broken Mouth” sets things straight right away with male and female vocal trade offs, corralling verses of pseudo-psycho, sexually-analytical lyrics without nearly as much cheek as even X-tina bothers with. Every couple tracks from there just get better, widening the range Sex Party is willing to experiment with. I just want to know if the live show is like one of Stewie’s sexy parties. (Independent)