Sex Mob Does Bond

Other than 2001: A Space Odyssey and that Kenny Loggins song the gopher danced to in Caddyshack, James Bond's theme music is probably the most immediately recognisable in film. Sex Mob approaches their homage (i.e., covers) with equal measures of respect and experimental verve. Even with some patchwork by guest John Medeski, it isn't a wholly smooth affair. The first half (the album is divided into two acts) is herky-jerky in the way you'd expect a high school marching band (with a lot of soul) to approach the themes. On track seven, "Bond with Bongos," things improve, and the second half actually manages to generate excitement, young Connery-style. A "closing credits" that includes an instrumental, "Nobody Does It Better," caps things off nicely, but the echo of the first half leaves a lingering and sickly afterimage. I'm thinking David Schwimmer as Bond? Argh. (Ropeadope)