Severe Torture Sworn Vengeance

When a metal band channel the purest essence of their beloved genre, even if they were to simply hammer at nothing less than detuned chugging, the zeal of executing each down stroke holds a passion that’s enduringly compelling. To that extent, when fingers are flailing about fret boards with said aforementioned heart, an album becomes almost otherworldly; it is inspiring and imposing at the same time. With seventh effort Sworn Vengeance, Severe Torture reach this point of almost Zen death metal. Tracks such as "Serenity Torn Asunder,” "Countless Villains” and "Submerged In Grief” are finely executed slabs of Tampa-style death metal that are structured enough to elicit familiarity and comparisons to Deicide and Morbid Angel’s heyday yet are also uniquely crafted bouts of grinding cacophony and furious execution, forcing the listener into startled awe. Severe Torture’s best effort to date, Sworn Vengeance is poised to become an essential disc for genre aficionados. (Earache)