Severe Torture Fall of the Despised

Though nothing terribly original, Severe Torture plough through chartered territory with the fury of a hurricane, using the spirit of Florida’s death metal precedence as primary inspiration in their annihilation. Their strength lies in their songwriting skills and their ability to maintain an old school feel while modernising the obvious influences that colour the riffing throughout. Like their predecessors, they’re able to incorporate memorable riffs and strange little quirks in between raging tremolo and crushing blast beats. Fans of older death metal will appreciate the recognisable conventionalities, noticing a touch of Malevolent Creation’s groove, a bit of early Morbid Angel’s thrash and even some of Cannibal Corpse’s technicalities. The drumming is noticeably impressive and the production quality lends itself to highlighting this strongpoint. Cunning and poignant beats accent each riff creatively while maintaining the brutalised flow required for the songs to rage in all their blasphemous glory. No stranger to praise, Severe Torture will doubtlessly be garnering more with this effort. (Earache)