Sergent Garcia

Una y Otra Vez

BY Chris BurekPublished Aug 12, 2011

Sergent Garcia's eyes and ears are always open, endlessly absorbing music. His well-travelled sound is innovative and integral while remaining authentic to the many genres he effortlessly blends together. Raised in Paris by his Spanish father and French mother, Bruno "Sergent" Garcia began his musical journey with a sound system as a DJ and singer who slowly began collaborating with other musicians. Five critically acclaimed, top-selling albums later, Sergent Garcia has become one of the biggest Latin alternative music stars in Europe, Latin America and beyond. Una y Otra Vez spans timba, hip-hop, ska, salsa, reggae and more, sung in Spanish, English and French. From the psychedelic funk intro of the title track to blazing rumba "En el Domino" that concludes this release, there's no denying Sergent Garcia's ability to groove or write catchy melodic hooks. His signature "salsa muffin" sound captivates with effective arrangements, constantly mixing up genres well suited to the dance floor. A true citizen of the world, Sargent Garcia proves with Una y Otra Vez that time and time again, great music is all it takes to bring people together.

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