Serena Williams Is an Our Lady Peace Fan

We knew they're out there (somewhere out there)

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 17, 2023

We didn't expect this one: tennis superstar Serena Williams has been schooled in CanCon. While talking about all the rock shows she goes to with her sister Venus, she let it slip that she's a huge fan of Canadian post-grungers Our Lady Peace

Speaking with Rolling Stone about her Super Bowl commercial for Rémy Martin, Williams was asked about her music taste. After revealing she saw Green Day for her first-ever concert, she was asked what artist she thinks people would be surprised to know she likes. 

"Oh, I went to the show for Our Lady Peace recently," she said. "It was a small show and they literally sounded just like their album and I was like, 'Oh my god, this is nuts! I love their albums!'"

The interviewer, Canadian journalist Tim Chan, was stoked to hear the news, and took the opportunity to ask what her favourite OLP songs are, to which the althete responded, "I love 'Clumsy.' I always liked 'Superman's Dead.' I mean, what was I doing singing that song? I didn't even understand the lyrics. I was like, 'Serena, you should not be singing this' (laughs)."

Elaborating more on concerts, Williams said she "started to go to a lot of concerts over the last few years": "I went to the Weeknd, which was so good. And then I went to see Green Day like twice. I saw Pearl Jam and I went with Venus for that. We do a ton of rock." When asked who she's dying to see live, Williams said Bad Bunny. A woman of taste!

Watch Williams' Super Bowl commercial below.

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