Selina Martin

Disaster Fantasies

BY Eric HillPublished Jun 28, 2010

The flurry of pop punches that introduces Miss Martin's third album jellies up the knees, so when the suggestion to "Breathe In" comes around on track five, that's basically all you can do. Her "Can rock" guitar attack is backed by a fine storytelling ear for detail and savvy avoidance of the traffic merge that strands other female artists in the carpool lane. Time spent working with Dave Bidini and Martin Tielli on the Five Hole Band's Tales of Hockey Erotica transfers over in the form of brave studio experimentation. Vocal layering, singing saws and wine glasses, plus guest kalimba by Laura Barrett, take many tracks into a nice twilight zone of sound. The little wink to the Talking Heads on "Rape During Wartime" is a masterful dissimulation of the political into the party, another of her skill sets. And for pure Canadiana, what could be cooler than a fragile, jazzy take on "Spirit of the Radio"? Insert boho finger-snapping sounds here.

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