Self Defense Family Claim 'Heaven Is Earth' on New LP

Self Defense Family Claim 'Heaven Is Earth' on New LP
Two years after issuing their Try Me album, post-hardcore collective Self Defense Family are striking back with a new release. The outfit bless us with their Heaven Is Earth LP on June 30 via Deathwish Inc.

A press release notes that the record features a few melancholy moments, though adds that the new LP isn't "all sad clown music." There are also, apparently, a few "reluctantly upbeat songs." Musically, the band add piano and harmonica textures to first single "Talia." Touchstones for the rest of the LP are said to include the Mekons and the Fall.

Recording sessions were plentiful this time around, with Self Defense Family hitting up four separate studios before finishing the album. They recorded with Will Killingsworth (Mind Eraser) at Ahmerst, MA's Dead Air Studio; with Converge's Kurt Ballou at Salem, MA spot GodCity Studios; with Mark Millar (Dinosaur Jr.) at East Hampton, MA's Sone Lab; and with Jon Low (Kurt Vile) at Philadelphia facility Miner Street Recordings.

Down below, you'll find the wildlife-loaded video clip for the expansive and atmospheric "Talia." It stars, among other things, elephants, hummingbirds, on-the-run ostriches, while also showing members of Self Defense Family standing by some seals. If the set up looks kind of familiar, it's because Self Defense Family fully admit to having taken the idea from the video to Talk Talk's "It's My Life."

A 7-inch featuring "Talia" on the A-side and an outtake called "Taxying" on the flip will be delivered tomorrow (May 5) through Deathwish Inc.

Heaven Is Earth:

1. In My Defense Self Me Defend
2. Talia
3. Prison Ring
4. Ditko
5. Everybody Wants A Prize For Feeling
6. Heaven is Earth
7. Basic Skills
8. Dave Sim