SeixlacK Bed Bug Bites

SeixlacK Bed Bug Bites
Fresh from releasing an album as Innyster for Delroy Edwards' L.A. Club Resource, Berlin-based producer Fernando Seixlack goes with his own (slightly modified) name for this EP of raw and dirty techno, the invitingly titled Bed Bug Bites. If you like your beats funky and sans gloss, this one's for you.
Bed Bug Bites opens with the functional but forgettable "Taxes," an acid house workout that offers nothing new, but serves as a good introduction to Seixlack's distinctive production style: grimy analogue squelches, elastic bass and beats that seem to constantly push into the red. It's a well-judged mixture that is luckily joined by more interesting musical ideas for the remainder of the EP.
"Amolado," for instance, features what sounds like old-school dial-up or hard-drive noises, a touch that perfectly fits the analog vibes here, while the slightly less impressive "Wintergreen" opens with almost two-and-a-half minutes of empty beat before a serpentine bass line arrives. Not much else happens, but its groove is infectious. Final track "Sofazone" is the EP's highlight, a song made for kicking it on the couch rather than the dance floor, featuring a laid-back 808 beat and cool vintage pads that will evoke the '90s no matter who you listened to.
This is a solid EP for those who like a little bit of grime with their grooves. (X-Kalay)