Over The Mountains

BY Dylan BarnabePublished Jul 1, 2016

Over The Mountains is as much an invitation as an album title. Jordan Sauer, a.k.a. Segue, invites his listeners on a journey "over the mountains" and into the lush sylvan landscape of Canada's great outdoors.
The recently released album, a follow-up to 2013's Pacifica, finds Jordan returning to Silent Season, a music label influenced by the natural surroundings in British Columbia, Canada. Jordan, a native Vancouverite himself, has always been heavily inspired by his personal forays into nature and the outdoors. As a result, Silent Season and Segue have enjoyed a successful partnership that stems from their shared artistic vision; his new material promised "hypnotic pace that lures you into a timeless sense of space," and it didn't disappoint.
Over The Mountains is an inspired, serene and ethereal oeuvre best listened to in its entirety. So much so, in fact, that singling out tracks like "Sunshine Coast," "Deep Valley" and "Celestial" — all standout songs in their own right — seems a disservice to the album as a whole. Jordan's take on ambient and dub techno is one that yields highly immersive and textural music. His use of unique sonic patterns, tones and textures add layers to his tracks, building up a bed of sounds that easily transport the listener to another time and place.
That sense of timelessness and welcome displacement is one of the album's main strengths, but even more than that, Segue gifts listeners with an ambitious aural portrait of Canada's valleys, summits, rainforests and mountains — an achievement as vast and wide as the country's coasts.
(Silent Season)

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