SECT Sign to Southern Lord for Sophomore Album

SECT Sign to Southern Lord for Sophomore Album
Members of Cursed, Burning Love, Earth Crisis, Catharsis and more came together as hardcore supergroup SECT last year, and with their stomping self-titled debut in the rearview, the band are wasting no time in gearing up to record a sophomore effort.

A press release reveals that the band have signed to Southern Lord ahead of recording a second LP this summer, with Kurt Ballou of Converge set to serve as producer.

Vocalist Chris Colohan had this to say about the band's decision to sign with Southern Lord:

My rule of thumb with labels these days is to work with one that I own at least five LPs from. Smart music business opportunities don't mean shit without a true respect for each others' tastes, aesthetic and passions. Between their classic doom alumni (Earth, Sunn, Boris, Sleep), their reverent reissues of cult thrash bands like Nihilist and classic hardcore like Poison Idea or Bl'ast, and the equal love they put into modern bands with the spirit of all of the above (like Power Trip or Nails), a label doesn't get much closer to that ideal for me than Southern Lord. It was an absolute pleasure working with Greg and the SL family with Burning Love and I'm beyond excited to have SECT join their ranks.

Southern Lord owner Greg Anderson added, "As soon as I heard about Chris Colohan being in a new band I immediately was excited and pre-ordered their LP. I was not disappointed. SECT are harsh, unforgiving, and brutal in all the most effective ways. We're extremely honored to be chosen to work with them. We will proudly be their ally in this battle."

Stay tuned for further details on SECT's sophomore LP, and read our conversation with Colohan here.