The Secret Luce

Unlike its past and present metal accomplishments, the European hardcore scene has never received a great deal of respect from its North American brethren, with most offerings that reach Canadian shores being uninspired mosh metal or bad, bad recreations of the worst of the ’80s hardcore movement. Fortunately, bands like Knut and now the Secret are forcing old prejudices to be re-evaluated. While not striking a blow for stunning originality, the Secret wear their influences proudly yet manage to creatively mix and match to achieve a familiar but overwhelming sound. Elements of When Forever Come Crashing Converge and Until Your Heart Stops Cave In feature prominently in the Secret’s full-on technically proficient fury, all smashing, damaging breakdowns and Slayer runs. But, as opener "The Long Night of Mademoiselle Victorine Lafourcade” demonstrates, the Secret have learned a thing or two about Through Silver in Blood-era Neurosis. The moodier passages building to cacophonies continue throughout Luce, ploughing through Isis-like heaviness and introspection between the interlocking technical runs and destroy everything now expulsions. Tell all your friends, this band is too good to be kept a… (Goodfellow)