SebastiAn "Motor"

SebastiAn 'Motor'
It's pretty hard to believe that despite being signed to Ed Banger for three years, touring with the likes of Daft Punk and Justice, and receiving constant praise for his steroid-enhanced electro house anthems, Sebastian Akchoté - or SebastiAn (remember to keep that second a upper case!) - hasn't felt the need to do anything more than just release 12-inches.

Refusing to deliver an LP seems to be doing him just fine though, as his sixth single not only finds him building more buzz for himself, but also flexing more of that gratuitous dance floor muscle.

The A-side "Motor" kick-starts with pistons chugging like a speeding Formula 1 vehicle, before it breaks out of the thematic intro and reaches a normal highway velocity. The high-pitch squelching and cylinder revving fits the mold, but SebastiAn again shows a perverse delight in fucking around with pace and rhythm, almost too much for the average human to get down to. Either you'll respect his integrity or spit on his sadistic teasing.

B-side "Momy" is much more co-operative, preparing the dance floor for a surefire banger. Following SebastiAn's signature "build it up, tear it down and fling shit all over the place" sequence, again, he's not set on sitting the beats still, zig-zagging and collapsing right when a groove appears to be settling in. But by comparison, it's a much friendlier club cut that will no doubt have people screaming for more as it reaches its final minute.

SebastiAn "Motor"

SebastiAn "Momy"