Sebadoh III

Inspiring the likes of Beck and Eric’s Trip, III is not Sebadoh’s most coherent musical statement but this is precisely why it is a seminal release in the annals of mopey, white-boy indie rock by the band’s original, multi-instrumentalist/songwriter line-up. This deluxe re-issue does III justice in that the home-recorded, schizophrenic moments of the original release have not been remastered away, and the second disc of extras is a genuine bonus. Lou Barlow’s "The Freed Pig” bubbles with bile and balls, just as "Kath” is a teetering acoustic paean. Eric Gaffney’s "Violent Execution” is a precursor to the dark psych rock explorations of Rick White and the Sadies, while his "Limb by Limb” is a storming dose of sludgy, ’90s college rock. Jason Lowenstein innocently offers up "Smoke a Bowl” and the sweet country chime of "Black Haired Gurl,” recalling the romanticised aspects of four-track recording. Supplemented by the infamous Gimme Indie Rock! EP, alternate versions, rare tracks, and the hilarious Sebadoh promo, "Showtape ’91,” this updated look at III is a must-have for fans and an excellent primer for young indie archivists. (Red Leader)