Seapony Spinoff Research Vessel Announces Debut EP

Hear "Like Today" from Danny Rowland's 'Going Tomorrow'

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 5, 2024

Seattle’s Seapony spent a decade making chiming, charming indie pop, and with the group currently inactive, guitarist Danny Rowland has now detailed his debut EP under the new solo alias Research Vessel.

Going Tomorrow will be out March 1 through the label Small Craft Advisory. It was recorded to tape, and performed on a nylon-string acoustic guitar, vintage Casio keyboard and drum machine — a DIY approach that results in quite a warm, clean sound on tender first single “Like Today,” which combines the lo-fi electronics of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone with the classic indie pop songwriting of the Softies.

Research Vessel’s Going Tomorrow is available to preorder digitally or on cassette from Bandcamp.

Going Tomorrow:

1. Like Today
2. Still Can’t
3. Going On
4. If Only

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