Sean Rowe Signs to Anti- for Magic

Sean Rowe Signs to Anti- for <i>Magic</i>
Since its inception in 1999, Epitaph Records offshoot Anti- has become revered for signing a host of legendary musical acts/artists outside of the parent label's usual punk rock spectrum. From contemporary talents such as Tom Waits and Daniel Lanois to hip-hopper Sage Francis and country mogul Merle Haggard, the label's roster of recognizable talent is both stunning and impressive.

With its latest announcement, however, Anti- steps outside its comfort zone of established artists with up-and-coming New York-based singer-songwriter Sean Rowe, who has been introduced to the fold with his latest (and third overall) full-length, Magic.

According to the official press release, while relatively unknown, Rowe has been described as, "in the tradition of Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison" thanks to an, "extraordinarily soulful baritone, along with a poet's skill to sketch a world where man and nature lie down uneasily side by side."

Judge for yourself when Magic hits store shelves on February 22.


1. "Surprise"
2. "Time To Think"
3. "Night"
4. "Jonathan"
5. "Old Black Dodge"
6." Wet"
7. "The Walker"
8. "American"
9. "Wrong Side Of The Bed"
10. "The Long Haul"