Sean Price Monkey Barz

Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah drops it on the solo tip with his first release Monkey Barz. Sean P's biggest attribute is his lyrics and powerful delivery that stay pretty consistent throughout the album. But with a different producer on every song the style and mood of the album seem to get lost some where. Most of the production is pretty mediocre except for "Heartburn," which is produced by 9th Wonder. A cool vocal sample shows up on "Shake Down" and a couple other samples from time to time are decent but nothing that really holds together. Those who bought the "Boom Bye Yeah/60 Bar Dash" twelve-inch might be a little disappointed that "Boom Bye Yeah" made the final cut and "60 Bar Dash" got the old heave ho. It's funny because even though "60 Bar Dash" uses the same George Benson sample ("Footin' It") by Diamond D on the classic Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop album, it would have ended up being the best song on Monkey Barz by far. Instead, we're left with some bad calls, some bad choices and an overall boring album. Fans of Sean Price will want to pick it up but the rest of us might want to pass on this one. (Duck Down)