Sean Price Jesus Price Supastar

Sean Price Jesus Price Supastar
Photo: Alexander Richter
As a member of one of hip-hop’s most consistent and durable crews — the Boot Camp Clik — Sean Price has still managed to distinguish himself outside of the collective. With his sandpaper vocal quality and self-deprecating humour intact, Sean Price, aka "the brokest rapper you know,” has emerged with his sophomore solo album. Long-time fans of the Boot Camp Clik will know what to expect from the album, and on this level Sean P delivers. Cameos from crewmembers such as Buckshot and Steele, as well as Heltah Skeltah partner Rock, are spread throughout. Additionally, the Boot Camp Clik’s commitment to solid and, at times, exceptional production continues with sonic support provided by a number of producers, including Toronto’s Moss and Justus League knob-twiddlers 9th Wonder and Kryhsis. While many of these beats are topped off with the requisite and occasionally tiresome machismo, Sean Price’s unorthodoxy is what sets him apart. He deliberately veers into the opposite direction over 9th Wonder’s pretty beat on "Violent,” experiments with repetitious rhymes on "One” and "Da God,” and toys with screenwriting on the too-brief and unfortunately undercooked "Directors’ Cut.” Still, Sean P manages to reconcile the issue with out of the blue one-liners like "I ain’t had a hit since ’96” and "I’m such a failure,” delivered with hilarious yet frank honesty.

Have you received any negative feedback for your album title? Not at all, it’s been solid. If you read the Bible, Jesus spread the word and the word was God. Jesus Price is going through the hood spreading the word and the word is hip-hop. I’m not Jesus Christ, I’m not trying to be. I’m Jesus Price, we’re on the same mission spreading the good word.

Do you consider yourself a religious or spiritual person? I mean, I study Islam; I believe in Allah and the prophet Muhammad. I’m Muslim. Do I follow like I should? No. But Allah knows in my heart that I’m working towards that anyway.

Why are you so comfortable talking about being broke? The truth; it’s the truth and it’s not a gimmick. I’m broke. That shit ain’t cool. It’s the truth. At the time I was broke. Instead of lying to the people I kept it completely honest. The people that hear that brutal honesty are like, ‘Wow, he’s not joking.’ And if you live in Brooklyn and you see me, you’re like ‘Damn, he’s not joking!’ (Duck Down)