Sean Nicholas Savage "Empire"

Sean Nicholas Savage 'Empire'
Before we get to slip-slide through the full-length of Sean Nicholas Savage's upcoming Bermuda Waterfall, the lo-fi soft rock figure is giving us a peek at his "Empire."

Extra smooth and romantic, the track steeps an aquamarine bass bounce into an ocean's worth of slippery synth sounds most fitting for an underwater boudoir. Multi-tracked vocal harmonies weigh in on the state of Savage's soul, apparently left on its lonesome as the solo artist's passion leaves him "kissing myself, holding myself."

You can stream the song down below. Picturing the guy staring at his empire through an opulent stained-glass window, smooching the back of his hand with a tear in his eye, is totally optional.

Bermuda Waterfall arrives May 13 through Arbutus Records.