The Sea and Cake Return With 'Runner'

The Sea and Cake Return With 'Runner'
Since starting up in the early '90s, meticulous and mellow Chicago outfit the Sea and Cake have offered up one of the most consistent back catalogues in all of indiedom. It's a streak the jazz-influenced group are no doubt hoping to keep up on their newly announced Runner LP. The Sea and Cake's tenth album arrives September 18 through longtime label Thrill Jockey.

The group had hinted that they were working on a follow-up to last year's Moonlight Butterfly as far back as last summer, with intentions to release it "late 2011 or early 2012." Runner's actual street date may be more than a few months off than originally intended, but better late than never.

At this point, it's unclear if the group will continue exploring the synth-driven tones of Moonlight Butterfly. If we're to read too much into the song titles, it should be noted that the act are touting "New Patterns."

Both the album cover and tracklisting have been posted on the Thrill Jockey site, but details about the recording sessions have yet been offered up. Until proven otherwise, it stands to reason that drummer John McEntire, who has engineered the bulk of their work, could have played a role on both sides of the mixing board.


1. On and On
2. Harps
3. A Mere
4. The Invitations
5. Skyscraper
6. Harbor Bridges
7. New Patterns
8. Neighbors and Township
9. Pacific
10. The Runner