The Sea and Cake Ready New Album

The Sea and Cake Ready New Album
Barely a year after the Sea and Cake released Everybody, the jazzy Chicago outfit are set to seal and deliver their follow-up. On October 21, the band will release album number seven, Car Alarm, via their long-time home, Thrill Jockey.

According to the band’s PhD-carrying songwriter Sam Prekop, releasing the two albums right after another was all part of the big picture, saying the Sea and Cake wanted to make a record that felt like they had never stopped playing. This meant the group started working on Car Alarm right after an Australian tour in March and finished the record in a quick three months. Also, Thrill Jockey tells us you can expect the record to have a more "palpable edge,” which we are going to take as meaning its more rockin’ than the last one.

Here is the Car Alarm’s tracklisting:
1. "Aerial”
2. "A Fuller Moon”
3. "On a Letter”
4. "CMS Sequence”
5. "Car Alarm”
6. "Weekend”
7. "New Schools”
8. "Window Sills”
9. "Down in the City”
10. "Pages”
11. "The Staircase”
12. "Mirrors”

The Sea and Cake "The Crossing Line”