Scott Reeder TunnelVision Brilliance

It’s taken a few years for this former Obsessed/Kyuss bassist to get his act together. Maybe he could’ve waited a bit longer. Kudos to Reeder for branching out into something disparate to his past achievements but it is questionable. As in, who exactly is this is intended for? Most who know the name will inevitably expect some sort of droning, bottom-heavy riffing, not the "Planet Caravan” soaked in even more reverb-meets-Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells that comes bubbling out of the speakers. Good not great, TunnelVision Brilliance feeds off of Reeder’s obvious influences such as the aforementioned and acoustic drive of elements of Pink Floyd’s The Wall mashed together with guitar-funk riffing. Lay most of it over mid-tempo drums and this effort instantly falls into the "curious oddity” category that most solo discs succumb to without a band to nix the dubious content. The inclusion of programmed beats and loops give this an aura of the stoner rock equivalent of something Perry Farrell would conjure up on one of his illustriously heroin-soaked nights at the console, only Reeder would be too much of a sloth to get up and annoy. (Liquor and Poker)