Scott Cooper Tiny Increments

Toronto singer-songwriter Scott Cooper’s third full-length album marks a big step forward, both musically and sonically. While much of the reason for this can be credited to the production of his long-time collaborator Rob Szabo, a pretty good singer-songwriter in his own right, Cooper’s songs throughout Tiny Increments reflect a sense of craftsmanship rare among other emerging artists. While it can’t be said that there’s as much blood on the tracks, pieces like "Insomnia Song” and "Amen” evoke some of the heart-stopping intimacy of Elliott Smith’s work. Cooper also proves himself adept at more traditional roots rock on "Don’t Turn Around,” "Save Me” and the title track. In many ways, Tiny Increments contains all the elements that fans of classic Canadian folk rock have come to expect over the last ten years, and Cooper appears poised to add his name to that list of highly successful artists with this album. (Independent)