Scienz of Life The Blaxploitation Sessions

Bronx/New Jersey/Queens collective Scienz of Life (founded by Bobbito Garcia) delivers a refreshing project of funky old school-flavoured hip-hop. Riffing on the theme of cult film genre "blaxploitation,” core members Lil Sci (fresh off a recent MF Doom collabo) and ID4 Windz bring the solid jazz/funk musicality and the ideal ratio of chillax to head-nodding. The gritty, grimy feel of early New York City hip-hop is faithfully constructed and homage to East coast legends KRS-One, Slick Rick, Brand Nubian and KMD is paid. Tracks like "Greatness,” "Still Standing” and "Hip-Hop Rwanda” deserve honourable mentions. By real heads, for real heads, The Blaxploitation Sessions are most definitely worth checking for. (Shaman Work)