Here's the Age You Discover Your Favourite Band, According to Science

A study claims most people hear their lifelong faves at around 13
Here's the Age You Discover Your Favourite Band, According to Science
My Chemical Romance
It turns out your music tastes probably don't mature as much into your adulthood as you might believe — or at least that's according to science.

In a recent study conducted by TickPick, a survey of 1,010 people weighed in to determine which factors influence our musical listening preferences.

Despite the fact our musical tastes begin developing as babies, the study concluded that the age at which most people discover their lifelong favourite band is 13. That's right — your My Chemical Romance obsession wasn't just a phase.

The study also cites musicologist Nolan Gasser who says our tastes are what help us as young people to form our identities and set ourselves apart from everyone else.

"Music becomes that stake in the ground — 'this is who I am,'" Gasser explained in a 2019 interview with NBC. "But at the same time, the music people listened to at an early age becomes their native home comfort music. When they grow up, that music will be part of who they are, tied in with memories and growing up. All of these powers are why music is so important to us."

The study also determined that among the top 10 childhood music influencers, an individual's friends are the most likely to inform taste, with two-thirds of respondents citing their pals as their top influence.

Radio and movies take the runner-up spots as tastemakers, with 59 percent and 52 percent of respondents ranking them highest, respectively. Those slots are followed closely by our fathers and mothers with 48 and 45 percent, respectively. Moreover, if those parents take their kids to concerts, the study reports that their children are more likely to report sharing a "very strong bond."

As for genre preference, the study found that most parents and children share a common interest in pop music with 43 percent of respondents reporting it as their favourite.

Also, the genre least preferred by all groups was disco and funk with just 2 percent of shared interest between parent and child.