School of Seven Bells Shrink Down to Duo

School of Seven Bells Shrink Down to Duo
Sometimes three can be a crowd, which is why dream rockers School of Seven Bells  have thinned their ranks to two - keyboardist/singer Claudia Deheza has left the group.

A report from Pitchfork points out that the musician had skipped out on a number of the outfit's recent tour dates, which explains the Facebook message delivered late last night (October 12) by remaining members Alejandra Deheza, Claudia's twin sister, and Benjamin Curtis.

The note reads:

"Hi everybody. We just wanted to let you all know that Claudia has left the band for personal reasons. In the meantime, we are excited to continue to write and tour as usual, and we're very much looking forward to seeing you all at our upcoming shows."

While it's a drag to see the siblings split up, it's comforting to see that Alejandra Deheza and Curtis will soldier on to support their shoegazing sophomore record, Disconnect from Desire, in their current configuration.