FIMAV, Victoriaville QC, May 18

Photo: Martin Morisette

BY Eric HillPublished May 19, 2018

Hard to say but excessively fun to watch, Schnellertollermeier are a Swiss trio that bring the high technical proficiency of jazz play into a world of very idiosyncratic rock structures. Scavenging and synthesizing elements from minimalism, metal, post rock and jazz, bassist Andi Schellmann, guitarist Manuel Troller and drummer David Meier play long and exacting pieces that were described by one in attendance as a power rock version of Brooklyn's Dawn of Midi.
Schellmann and Troller specialize in tightly muted and high noted constructions that repeat, building tension with slight adjustments in volume and pattern, while Meier ticks and taps between the spaces with a precision, given their Swiss origin, that's hard not to describe with an easy cliché. The first and longest composition awards patience by steering out of tight control into violent chords with the effectiveness of a masterful jump-scare.
Beyond obvious mastery of their instruments, clever incorporation of pedal effects forge the band's signature sound. In particular, Troller's slapback echo and tasteful loop placements lightly extend the scope of his instrument and create the illusion of a flowering of notes.
The late night crowd was clearly re-energized by the trio's virtuosity, and except for one slightly clumsy transition near the very middle of the concert, it was a reverie the band earned and enjoyed.

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