Scarlet This Was Always Meant To Fall Apart

Having never quite achieved the same level of financial or critical success as the more commercially inclined artists on the Ferret roster, Scarlet have taken their time with their follow-up to 2004’s Cult Classic, and fashioned a cleverly written and exceptionally produced sophomore effort. Drummer Andreas Magnussen, best known for his production work with Refused and Poison the Well, among others, has fleshed out the offsetting, atypical groove and electronic intricacies of Scarlet’s sound to the point of perfection. Bearing some stylistic similarities to Spitfire, albeit with some of the aggression sacrificed in lieu of diversity, This Was Always Meant To Fall Apart’s flaws lie largely in Brandon Roundtree’s clean vocals. They are far too overblown and strained, especially considering the spontaneous yet professional nature of the group’s sound, and could benefit from a decrease in frequency, at the very least. The group also lose points for the unforgivably blatant Radiohead worship of the introductory track, "Obsolete.” All complaints aside, when Scarlet keep their feet planted firmly in the angular metalcore spectrum, they deliver. It’s a shame they haven’t quite unlocked their potential. (Ferret)