Say Hi To Your Mom Sneaky Dee's, Toronto ON - January 30, 2006

A surprisingly large crowd gathered for the arrival of the Brooklyn-based purveyors of weird indie pop, the gimmicky-named Say Hi To Your Mom. Surprising, not because the band's clever mix of light Death Cab For Cutie-style pop music and nerdy parables isn't compelling as all hell, but because a mere few months ago the band drew almost no one for their opening slot on a bill with indie rock lifers Nada Surf. Playing for a more substantial and appreciative crowd as Monday night headliners, SHTYM delivered their awkwardly endearing songs to eager ears, hitting the high points of their three full-length records with songs like "Let's Talk About Spaceships" and "Dimensions and Verticals." While not necessarily much to look at, with a generally stoic stage presence, vocalist/songwriter Eric Elbogen delivered much in the way of witty, referential lyrics, offering geeky titbits to mull over as the songs evolved and then slowly faded. Particularly enjoyable was the new material, showcasing a significantly more mature style of songwriting, adding slightly more musical technicality to a simple, yet enjoyable sound.