Say Hi To Your Mom Ferocious Mopes

Having released two previous albums on the band’s own label, Say Hi To Your Mom is essentially the work of Eric Elbogen (though he admits to having some help along the way). Delving into a world of eccentric song titles and quirky lyrics epitomised by tracks like "Yeah, I’m In Love with an Android,” Mopes features low-key vocals amidst a haze of guitar, skins and synth accompaniments. From the richly dark "I Think I’ll be a Good Ghost” to the wistful "The Twenty-Second Century,” Elbogen has a knack for creating songs that are both appealing and oddly sentimental. Despite the band’s idiosyncrasies, this release is quite easy to digest and avoids alienation by simply putting forth enjoyable songs. For some, the quirkiness represented here might come across as pretentious — to those people I say listen before you pass judgment. (Euphobia)